The KGB File


As I said in the introduction, this website is meant for you if you have finished KGB and still have questions you'd like to see answered. This walkthrough was mainly conceived as a reference in case you've forgotten something since the last time you played, and as a way to refer to the few optional puzzles you might have missed.

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Solving the game yourself

Please don't give up on solving the game yourself, and don't play it while reading the walkthrough at the same time. It would just considerably diminish your enjoyment. The walkthrough only tells you what you need to do in order to win, so if you don't play by yourself, many of the actions you are told to do here will seem arbitrary, because you'll miss the extra information you obtain through investigating on your own and through trial and error.

You CAN solve KGB by yourself, as long as you're persistent and do not hate saving often and regularly going back to previous saved games (because, yes, the game is unforgiving, death and failure are commonplace).

There are major spoilers ahead, obviously.


Chapter 1

First steps

You start the game in your brand new KGB Department P office. Within five minutes, Vovlov will call you to his office to give you your first mission. You can either spend these five minutes talking to Belov and exploring Department P, or you can skip the waiting time by immediately going to Vovlov's office (second door from the left in the hallway). Listen to his instructions and leave his office. Explore Department P some more if you like, but remember you have to be back at 6pm to give your report, so don't waste too much time. Take the lower right door to leave Department P.

Now, you should go visit Uncle Vanya. (It's possible to beat the game without visiting him, but it's much easier if you do it, and you get extra information. You can also opt to visit him after going to Golitsin's office, it doesn't make a difference.) Talk to him if you like. There's a vodka bottle in the closet but you don't need it. Take the door on the right to enter your room. There's a set of civilian clothes in the closet, but you don't need it. Search the drawer and you'll find your money ($60). Take it.

Go to Golitsin's office. The militia man guarding the entrance will ask who you are. Choose any of the possible answers, then show him your ID.

Enter the office. The filing cabinet contains a vodka bottle and a glass, both of which you don't need. In the raincoat you will find $2, which you can take if you like, but it won't make any difference. On the desk, you will find an empty pack of cigarettes, matches, and a match box. Take the match box and the matches. Don't waste them now as you'll need them later. Inspect the transistor radio and take the batteries. Try to inspect the drawer: it is locked. Optionally, you can inspect the phone to find a bug of western origin, and you can look out the window on the left to see someone spying on you.

Leave the office and ask the militia man for the key to Golitsin's drawer. He gives it to you. Go back inside and use the key to open the drawer. Take the recorder (and the article if you like).

After a while, the militia man will inform you that Golitsin's sister has arrived. Say you want to question her. (If you are done searching the office and want the sister to come faster, you can leave the office and try to leave the scene: she will then arrive.) You can question her any way you want to learn more about Golitsin and the recent events surrounding him. It doesn't matter whether you are rude or nice, so use whatever conversation options you want. Ultimately, what matters is that you ask her why she has come this afternoon. When you tell her that she may leave, she will hand you the micro-cassette Golitsin left in her mail box.

Now, put the batteries in the recorder, and put the cassette in the recorder to listen to it. Pay attention to what is being said. You can now leave the office, and hand the drawer's key back to the militia man (he'll ask for it if you don't). Go back to Department P to make your report.

Tell Vovlov his orders were obeyed in all respects. If you discovered the bug, you can tell him about it, though it doesn't matter if you didn't find it. Tell him you interviewed Golitsin's sister and she handed you the micro-cassette. You have no choice but to give it to him. Tell him you listened to it (say either "Naturally" or "It seemed advisable"). You know from the tape that the code name of the person Golitsin was supposed to meet is "Hollywood".

You will now be sent to see Galushkin. Answer him anything you like, and listen to your next instructions. Go to Kursk Street.

Kursk Street

Galushkin's advice about not saying "Hollywood" or "Buyer 2" carelessly is sound: from now on, don't ever say either of these names to anyone. Remember that! Also avoid telling people here you're KGB: you're undercover and don't have your real ID to prove it, so at best people won't care, at worst they'll think you're a liar. While you're on the street, you will sometimes see passersby, but none of them have anything important to say. You can chat with them if you like, just don't sleep with the prostitute unless you have cash to throw away, or you'll find yourself too low on cash when you need it.

If you chose not to get the money from Uncle Vanya's, the only other option to get enough cash is to ambush the barman from the bar downstairs as he is about to close for the night, and steal his money. You have to be either in the bar's office at 10:35pm, or in the street in front of the office at 10:40pm. There, you must fight the barman and kill him, allowing you to take his $100 and the key to the office. Don't attack the barman before the times I gave, or the other customers will be around and will come to the rescue. If you kill him in the street, make sure to move the body inside afterwards, or someone will eventually notice him and you will get arrested. All in all this is much more complicated than just taking the money from Uncle Vanya's, so only do this if you know what you're doing. Note that, using the barman's key, it is then possible to access both the bar and the club after they closed (at respectively 10:30pm and 11pm), but this is useless.

Back to the walkthrough! You can enter the bar and see that Romeo is in fact present after all, unlike what Golitsin was expecting. However, chatting with him, the barman or the other customer proves fruitless as they are cautious and you learn nothing important. You can also take beer glasses from the counter, but they are useless. So entering the bar is not mandatory.

In the street, go one screen left of the bar and enter the door, leading you to the bar's office. You want to be discreet, so don't turn on the lights or the barman will come. (If you accidentally bump into him anyway, say you were looking for the toilet, then come back when he's gone.) Go upstairs. Again, don't turn on the lights. Use the matches on the match box so you can have light more discreetly. Inspect the cupboard and take the clipboard. Go back downstairs and out to the street.

Now, go around the street until you reach a large door leading to the apartment complex. Enter it. Reading the brass plate informs you that the superintendant is (supposedly) in apartment 7. In general, while you're investigating this building, avoid repeatedly bothering people without reason, or they might not want to open the door anymore and you could get stuck. If you want, you can talk to the residents of apartments 1, 2 and 3, but they have nothing interesting to tell you.

Go upstairs and knock on apartment 7's door. A woman opens. It turns out there hasn't been a superintendant for years, but she accepts to talk to you anyway. Tell her either of the possible conversation choices. As long as you picked up the clipboard, she'll agree to answer your "opinion poll". Tell her it's either about crime or the opposite sex, and she'll let you in.

Talk to either of the women and admit you aren't really doing an opinion poll. Tell them you're on the trail of murderers, then choose either conversation options for their next two questions. Talk to them again and say you're investigating a criminal organisation based in the building. Say a friend of yours was killed by someone here, then choose either option. They will tell you about Belussov in apartment 5 who did prison time in Lefortovo. You may now leave when you're ready.

Knock on apartment 5's door. Belussov opens. Tell him about Lefortovo, then choose any conversation options until he tells you about Ryumin in apartment 4 who spent four years in a gulag.

Go back downstairs and knock on apartment 4's door. Ryumin opens. Tell him you aren't from the club, then ask him if he remembers Wrangel Island. He'll let you in. Ask him about untrustworthy people in the building, then ask him about his neighbours. He will tell you about Sytenko's empty meat shop and advise you to take a look there, then show you out.

Back outside of the apartment, you see two street muggers going upstairs. From their conversation, you gather that their unfortunate targets always try to first attack Petka, the little guy, rather than Lyonka, the big guy.

Go upstairs. You're about to enter the Enthusiastic Progress Club, so drop your clipboard somewhere; you don't need it anymore, but more importantly, it belongs to the manager of the club and he better not see you with it. Also make sure you have at least $30, as even if you promise to come back later with some money, they don't like being repeatedly bothered.

Enter the club through the door on the utmost right. Answer anything to the manager as long as you don't say "Hollywood" or "Buyer 2". He won't believe your excuses, so say you're willing to contribute to the club's funds, and offer at least $30. Watch the young punk and note when he's going to the bathroom. As soon as he comes out, go to the bathroom after him and turn the lights on. Inspect the trashcan and take the coke. You must dispose of it, and the easiest way is to flush it down the toilet right now. When it's done, leave the toilet.

Talk to the other club members if you like, leaving Lyonka and Petka for last. Note that you can take playing cards from the counter, but they are useless. Now, talk to Lyonka or Petka and tell them anything. They will tell you about a supposed party they're going to and ask you to join them. Of course, they really want to mug you, but accept their offer anyway and go with them. When they ask you to show what's in your pockets, fight Lyonka. He goes down and Petka flees. Search him and take his lockpick. If you bump into the crazy old man on the street, just tell him anything and he'll leave eventually. Now you must hide Lyonka's body, move it one screen to the right and drop it in the garbage can.

Now go left until you see another door: it leads to the back of Sytenko's meat shop. Use the lockpick on it to open it. You enter a rest room. Go through the inside door (by clicking on the red arrow) to enter the meat shop. Now you want to be discreet, so don't turn on the lights. Just crack a match to get some light, and inspect the cash desk. By watching the wires, you deduce it's an alarm connected to the cold room's door. Flick the switch. The alarm is now disabled and you are safe to enter the cold room without triggering it (if you do, you won't hear it, but Sytenko will, and then you're screwed).

Go to the cold room and use the light switch. Inspect the carcasses. Ouch. Go back through the door. Crack another match and flick the switch on the cash desk once again, you need the alarm to be activated for later on. Now go back from where you came from and back to the street. Go back to the apartment complex and go upstairs.

Knock on apartment 6's door. Sytenko opens. Ask him about his meat shop. Tell him you just inspected his cold room, then use either conversation option. He'll let you in. Once inside, use any conversation options. He will tell you his story and tell you about the gang in apartment 8.

Just as you exit Sytenko's apartment, Chevchenkova from apartment 8 leaves. Use your lockpick on her door and enter the apartment.

Inside the gang's apartment

Inside the apartment, go through the door on the right to enter the film studio. Turn on the lights. At one point, you will be surprised and captured by Verto, Romeo and the ugly twins. This is unavoidable, so don't worry. Just do as much as you can of the following, and if you don't have time to do everything, you can still do it later after you get free:
- Inspect the drawer and take the video tapes. Watch them on the VCR: they are snuff movies.
- Inspect the cupboard and take the camera.
- Inspect the TV to find a folder containing photos of your parents' assassination (this is optional, but helps you understand the story).

The dialogue when you are captured will slightly vary depending on what you've been up to, though it doesn't change anything gamewise. Romeo will answer Verto differently depending on whether you've been in the bar downstairs or not. If you took the newspaper cutting from Golitsin's drawer and still have it with you, Verto will comment on it. If you said "Hollywood?" when you were captured, Verto will also mention the connection with Golitsin.

Once you are captured and locked inside the stuffy room, wait and a young woman (Rita, Verto's girlfriend sent as a plant) will join you. Talk to her and use all four conversation options. She will then start questioning you in an attempt to obtain information. Don't tell her anything, no matter how much she insists. An American will then be locked with you (if you observed the window in Golitsin's office, you'll recognise him as the man you caught spying on you). He will suggest you break Rita's neck. Say "Let her go" because you need her to trust you for later on. Rita flees. Say anything you like to the American.

You hear Verto shouting in the next room. Listen at the door to overhear important information: Rita badly needs coke, but some thief (you) stole her supply from the toilet's trash can. Inspect the table and you will find a bug. Destroy it and show it to the American, who will now trust you. Look at the buzzer on top of the door. When the American asks what sets the alarm off, say it could be the cold room in the meat shop. He suggests to fiddle with the wires. Tell him to do it.

Now, call Rita. Tell her that you can help her, that she needs coke now, that you know where the coke is, and that you're the one who took it. She's interested. Either tell her that you hid it or that you took it from the toilet trash can, then ask her to open the door. Once you're out of the stuffy room, attack her. She'll fire at you but miss, and you'll kill her. Tell the American you're staying (you can ask for the gun if you want, but he won't give it).

Inspect the drawer and take everything you find. All your possessions are there, along with a white paper and the American's passport (you learn his name is Greenberg). Verto will be back soon, so hide behind the apartment door and wait for him. As soon as he enters, fight him, and you'll knock him out.

Now's the time to go back inspecting the film studio if you hadn't finished there. When you're done (or if you had found the time to do everything before being captured), search Verto and take the blue paper. He also has a gun and a snapshot of you, but you don't need these. With the camera, take a photo of both the white paper and the blue paper. Look at both of your snapshots: it's a hidden code! By alternately using letters from each snapshot, you obtain a coherent message. You don't want the gang to know you've found out about their code, so replace both papers exactly where you found them: put the white paper back in the drawer, and the blue paper back on Verto's body. You may now leave the apartment, and don't stall because Verto is going to wake up.

You are now ready to head back to Department P, where you will make your report early the next day. Don't forget to inspect both of your snapshots before going there, or you won't be able to answer a vital question! Answer anything you like to Vovlov, who will send you to Galushkin. If you understood the secret message, you know the correct answers are: I must go to Leningrad. Ladoga Park. 3 in the afternoon, August 16. Carefully listen to your next instructions and to Guzenko's description of your equipment.


Chapter 2

Hotel room and visit to Department 7

Start by reading your mission instructions and the files on the Department 7 officers. Once you have read them, destroy them all. Attempt to leave your room and the phone will ring. Answer it and answer anything you like to the man on the line, making note of what he says. Go to the bathroom, turn on the lights, and inspect the neon light as you were advised to. You find a secret message. This one is very difficult to solve, so difficult in fact that the game will solve it for you if you can't. Go back to your room. If you don't know what to do, use the phone to call KGB Moscow and ask to speak to Guzenko. Each time you call him, he will give you tips on how to decode the message. If you can't figure it out and call him repeatedly, he'll eventually decode it for you.

Do as the message requests: flick the light switch in your room on and off three times (thus using it a total of six times) and call 37452. You set up a meeting with Cut-throat. Now leave your room and go down. If you inspect the reception desk, you'll notice a wheelchair the receptionist says belongs to his son. He won't let you take it, but it will be useful later on. Leave the hotel through the main door. Optionally, look at the phone booth there. It's not mandatory but (although you are not told so) Rukov will remember the booth's number and it will give you a small hint later on. Go to Department 7.

Before you enter the building, be aware you are about to be body-searched. Drop your microphone on the street, you'll pick it up again when you leave. If you take it inside, it will get "accidentally" crushed and you won't be able to complete your mission. Did you remember to destroy the files on Department 7 officers? They don't like reading files about how corrupt they might be, so you need to at least destroy the files on Kusnetsov and Chapkin, or you'll be thrown out. Alternately you can just drop the files before entering and pick them up when you leave, but you no longer need them anyway, so you might as well make room in your inventory.

Enter through the door on the right. Show your ID to the officer at the desk. Tell him you're expected at Department 7. Tell him Kusnetsov is expecting you. Show the pass he gives you to the guard by the elevator. Upstairs, say anything you like to the guard, but ultimately you must show him your pass (saying "Naturally, comrade" does so automatically).

In Kusnetsov's office, don't be a smart alec as he's irritable, powerful, and doesn't like you. At first, say either "Yes, comrade colonel" or "Thank you for receiving me, comrade colonel". He has no useful information for you, so just get it over with as soon as possible, and of course don't say you'll report his attitude to your superiors. When you are done, you will be taken to see Agabekov.

In Agabekov's office, you are told to wait a few minutes. Take this opportunity to inspect his left phone (which is the outside line), this will prove useful in an optional but nifty puzzle that provides you with extra evidence. You see there's something in his waste paper bin, but you can't search it while he's there. Either wait for him to be done with his paperwork, or attempt to leave, and he will finish and introduce himself. Talk to him if you like, though he has nothing useful to tell you. Leave his office when you're done.

Now on to this optional puzzle. Enter the third door from the left in the hallway. This is Chapkin's office but he's currently away. If the guard shows up, leave the office and come back to get rid of him. Use either of Chapkin's phones to call Agabekov (this is why you needed the number of Agabekov's outside line, so he doesn't know you're calling from the office). Answer either of the three choices at first, then say either "I have information" or "Trouble is on the way". Say you'll be in front of the building in three minutes. Say it concerns a visitor from Moscow (you). Leave the office and wait in the hallway until Agabekov leaves. Enter his office. You can now search his waste paper bin, and you find the remains of a Cuban cigar. Leave his office.

There's nothing more you need to do in Department 7. If you want, you can enter the first door from the left to visit Drobnitsa, but he has nothing useful to tell you. If you are rude to him he will show you out, but this will have no further consequences as he has little power. Remember you have to be at the park by 3pm, so watch the clock. When you're ready, take the elevator down and go back to the street. Don't forget to pick up the microphone you left at the entrance, and go to Ladoga Park.

Ladoga Park and the warehouse gang

At the park, go one screen to the left. Now would be a good time to plug the headphones into your listening device: this will allow you to listen to the conversations you will have recorded without making a sound.

Put the microphone on the bench. Use your listening device and choose "Record". Now, hide behind the tree, behind the statue, or behind the hedge. Although you were asked to take pictures of everyone involved, your camera is broken, so you won't be able to. For your information, you can get away with missing the recording of the meeting, but not the meeting itself. Wait and a blond man arrives. Wait some more and Romeo arrives. They will talk and Romeo will give him a briefcase. Wait until the blond man leaves. Pick up your microphone from the bench, and go one screen to the right.

Follow him to the metro entrance. He's waiting for someone. You can use this opportunity to use your listening device and listen to the conversation you just recorded. Wait and Chapkin will arrive. They will have a word. Wait until they both leave and follow the blond man (Romeo's contact).

Use your camera on the blond man so you can use the zoom and see the warehouse's door code. Remember it for later. Now, go through the door on the left to enter a bar. They really don't like new faces here, so don't talk to anyone. Go through the door on the left. On the landing, go through the door on the left, and you'll arrive in a bathroom. Examine the window and unlock it: this will turn out to be a good escape route. Now go back to the landing and go up the stairs. Examine the skylight and unlock it. This will also provide a convenient escape later on.

Now, you may leave the bar, but be careful how you do it: you can leave through the front door or through the bathroom's window, but if the barman ever sees you go to the landing and then walk again inside the bar through the front door, or leave the bar through the front door and later on come back from the landing, he'll figure out you're snooping, kick you out permanently, and close all windows (most likely ruining your surveillance mission). If he sees you going to the landing too often, he'll also tell you to see a doctor about your bladder and kick you out permanently, preventing you from entering through the front door again. Keep this in mind! My advice is to leave through the bathroom's window right now.

If you took my advice and left through the window, you end up in the back street. Go back to the side street and you'll be in front of the warehouse again. Use the warehouse's keypad and enter the code you saw earlier (14C9A). The blond man is now having a beer at the bar, so the coast is briefly clear.

If you want, inspect the desk to find the briefcase containing the snuff tapes, but afterwards make sure to put it back on the desk exactly as you found it, or your presence will be revealed eventually. Go through the door at the back, then through the door on the left. You arrive in an office where business meetings likely take place, but there is no place for you to hide, so you'll want to bug it. Put your microphone somewhere in the office, then go back to the previous room (by the way, you'll never get to have your microphone back). Hide in the packing cases. Make sure your listening device is in the "Record" position, and wait.

The blond man comes back, and another man arrives as well. They go to the office and have a conversation, which you can't hear but are duly recording. When the blond man goes back to the front room, you can take the time to listen to what you just recorded (but remember to plug your headphones into the listening device, if you haven't already done so). It's not mandatory to listen to it right now, but it's the most logical thing to do to help you understand what to do next. You hear about Yakuchev and about Obukov, who is expected in a few minutes. Make sure your device is in the "Record" position again when you're done!

Wait a little bit. Obukov will arrive and go to the office. From the conversation you overhear at the front, you learn the boss's name is Mechulaiev. Wait some more. When you hear footsteps from the office, this means the meeting is over. Like before, you can take the time to listen to what you just recorded. You hear about a certain "Viktor", you learn the blond man is called Savchenko, and more importantly you learn Obukov is about to go visit a certain "Mr X" who seems to be an important character in this snuff tapes business.

When Obukov leaves, it would be a good idea to follow him so you can observe his meeting with the mysterious Mr X. The game even gives you a hint about that, so don't ignore it. You need to hurry and leave the warehouse but Savchenko is still in the front room. Quickly go up the ladder and unlock the skylight. Go up to the roof and enter the bar next door through the bar's skylight you previously opened. Leave the bar (with the same recommendations as before). Go to the subway and follow Obukov.

Enter hotel Syevyernaya Zvyezda. In the lobby, keep a low profile and wait for Obukov to head to the cocktail bar. Follow him there. Wait some more and Agabekov will arrive. So it turns out Agabekov is Mr X! Follow them back to the lobby and, again, keep a low profile. You must now go back to the warehouse: you could not listen to the meeting, but Obukov previously told Mechulaiev he would be back after the meeting to give further instructions, so you know the warehouse is where you want to go to hear the details. Alternately, if you wait for Obukov to leave, you can just choose to follow him and end up at the warehouse anyway. However, doing this makes you waste time, and it is safer to hurry, or you may fail to record the important conversation that is about to take place at the warehouse.

Once you are back at the warehouse, don't waste any time. Enter the bar, but be careful not to get caught by the barman, as explained earlier. If you enter the bar through the window and find the drunk vomiting in the toilet, try to enter again until he's gone, but remember you need to act quickly. Go up to the roof as before, and move back to your hiding place in the warehouse, inside the packing cases. Make sure your listening device is in the "Record" position!

When the meeting is over and Obukov leaves, you can once again listen to what you've been recording. You learn the snuff tapes are exchanged with crack, the exchange is due to take place tomorrow, and one Viktor Matsnev is handling the transport. You have now learnt enough, and it's almost time for both of the meetings you have set up (with Cut-throat and with your controller). Leave the warehouse through the roof and exit the bar, with the same recommendations as before. If you haven't yet listened to all of your recorded conversations, do it now. Go back to hotel Gostinitsa.

Meetings with Cut-throat and Savinkov

In front of the hotel, go one screen to the left to go to the back alley. Wait until 7pm and Cut-throat will arrive. Immediately show him your ID, as previously agreed. Tell him you found the remains of a Cuban cigar in Agabekov's office (if you haven't solved that puzzle, saying you could smell the cigar stench will be sufficient). Mechulaiev and Savchenko are handling the tapes in Leningrad. The contact between both gangs is Yakuchev. Viktor Matsnev handles the transport of the tapes tomorrow. Mechulaiev gets crack in exchange for the tapes. Mr X is Agabekov. It's now your turn to ask questions. The leitmotiv in Cut-throat's answers is that he advises you to ignore Kusnetsov/Chapkin and focus on Agabekov. He also mentions New Birth. You set up another meeting tomorrow.

Go right to go back to the hotel entrance. Enter the hotel. You can either wait for your controller in your room (as agreed) or you can wait for him outside of your room, what happens next will be slightly different depending on that, but eventually you will find yourself in your room, with your controller (Savinkov) and a dead man.

Inspect the body. You see a phone number written on his hand. Take his hat and his raincoat (and the snapshot if you want). If you looked at the phone booth earlier, you can tell Savinkov the number on the corpse's hand is the number of the booth outside. He will tell you there's a nervous man waiting by that booth, giving you a hint on what to do next. However, if you hadn't looked at the phone booth, it doesn't matter as you can figure out what to do just the same.

Use the phone and call the number on the corpse's hand. Answer "Yes". From then on, you can either say:
- "Come up", "Come up"
- "No", "I found something. Come up."
- "Come up", "Not exactly", "I found something. Come up."
- "Come up", "Not exactly", "Small problem. Come up. Now!"

Now you want to prepare the reception so the man doesn't get suspicious. Move the corpse either inside the closet or to the bathroom. Wear the hat and the raincoat. Turn off the lights. Now wait for the man to arrive. When he knocks, either tell him to come in or wait to see what happens. Savinkov will knock him out.

Talk to Savinkov. It doesn't matter whether you tell him about Cut-throat or not, but remember your choice, because he won't like you mentioning Cut-throat later on if you omitted to tell him about the meeting this time. Notice how he basically tells you the opposite of what Cut-throat was saying. You can then ask him any of the possible questions. The hitman wakes up and Savinkov interrogates him. You get a tip about room 304 in hotel Syevyernaya Zvyezda.

You must now dispose of the dead body. Savinkov gives you a sound suggestion. Move the body out of your room, then to the third room from the left in the hallway. There's a drunk person heavily sleeping there. Turn on the lights and search the bed to find a vodka bottle. Take it and use it on the corpse. Now you'd probably like to throw the body out the window to avoid dragging it down the stairway, but you must make sure the coast is clear. If you look out the window, you'll see the glow of cigarettes: there are people in the back alley, whom you must first get rid of. Leave the room and exit the hotel. Go one screen to the left to go to the back alley. Get rid of the bums by giving them the vodka bottle.

Now, go back to the room where you left the body, and throw it out the window. Go back to the reception. The wheelchair you noticed earlier would be useful here, but you must get rid of the night receptionist. Tell him you can't sleep as some character is making enough noise to wake the dead. He'll go investigate. Inspect the reception desk, take the wheelchair, and leave the hotel. If for any reason you decide to go back to the hotel now, make sure to leave the wheelchair outside or he will see you and take it back, and the trick to get rid of him won't work a second time.

Go left to the back alley. Put the body in the wheelchair. Move the body to the left along the alley. You'll meet two militia men, but if you did everything correctly, they'll believe the man is just a passed out drunk. Move the body into the canal. Now, go back to your hotel room and wait for Savinkov. He tells you to investigate at hotel Syevyernaya Zvyezda and sets up a meeting tomorrow morning.

Investigating at hotel Syevyernaya Zvyezda

Leave your hotel and go to hotel Syevyernaya Zvyezda. Enter it and go to the cocktail bar. Converse with the clients if you like, but don't tell any of the prostitutes you're KGB or your cover will be blown for good. Talk to either of the two prostitutes (without saying you're KGB) and ask about room 304. They tell you it's one of the rooms Tamara uses.

Two new characters enter the bar, a Japanese executive and another prostitute, who happens to be Tamara. Talk to her and try to hire her services (say anything you like but, again, don't say you're KGB). She asks for $50 but you don't have any dollars, so tell her you don't have that much. She tells you to come back later when you have enough money. Two new characters enter the bar, one of them is Greenberg, the other one is an elegant woman. Talk to the woman (she'll interfere if you attempt to talk to Greenberg) and she'll ask to have a few words with you in the lobby.

Say anything you like to her, but do accept to talk (don't say good night or good bye). She introduces herself as Carla Wallace, CIA, supposedly working with Greenberg and speaking on his behalf. Ask her questions and ask for American money. She gives you $150.

When she leaves, go back to the cocktail bar and talk to Greenberg. Say anything you like to him but be helpful (don't say good night and don't tell him to go home). When he asks what you can offer him, ask what he wants to know. Answer truthfully: your controller is Savinkov, you went to Ladoga Park and to Hammer and Sickle Street, and you've never heard of Protopopov. Ask him as many questions as you can, until he sets up a meeting tomorrow and leave. You can ask him for more American money if you like and he'll give you $50, but you have enough with what Wallace gave you.

Talk to Tamara and tell her you found the $50. Show her the money and you'll go to room 304 with her. Give her the money, and tell her you just want to talk (If your listening device is set to "voice activated", which is normally the case, it will start playing. This is of no consequence but gives you a big hint for later on). Say you'd like to ask a question or two. Ask her what you like, as long as you don't say you're KGB, as explained before. The one thing that matters is that you ask her about the other room she uses. She'll ask for another $50 to divulge that information. Hand over the money, and she tells you about room 416. You can now wish her good night, if the allotted time isn't up yet. You'll come back to the lobby.

Take the elevator to the fourth floor. Tell the floor minder you want to visit room 416. Give her the $10 she asks. Inspect the mirror to find out it's a 2-way mirror. Inspect the table to find an ashtray. Take it, and smash the mirror with it. Go through the hole. It's a recording studio. If you want, inspect the sidetable to find a framed snapshot of Chapkin's marriage to Kusnetsov's daughter, confirming the studio belongs to him. Go back through the hole and leave the room. Go back to the first floor and leave the hotel. You're in need of some sleep (the game will tell you so if you stall), so go back to hotel Gostinitsa.

Meeting with Chapkin and debriefing

Knock on the hotel door, go up and go to your room. This is when the hint you probably got when talking to Tamara will prove useful. Use your listening device and switch to voice-activated playback. Also remove the headphones, if you had them plugged in. Now use your bed to get some sleep. Early in the morning, you are woken up by Chapkin who's pointing a gun at you.

He asks you to move into the bathroom. Obey. Tell him you're ready to talk. Your listening device starts playing and distracts him. Seize the opportunity to attack. Inspect Chapkin's body and take the syringe. Use it on him. Talk to him and ask him questions. Make sure to ask him either about his connection to the snuff videos, or whether Kusnetsov is involved in the videos affair. These two questions are essentially the same and once you've asked one of them, the other one will disappear from the possible choices. You'll be able to ask most of the questions but you may not have time to ask them all before he dies. One example of question you can easily afford to skip is the last one, "How did you get in?", as this is of little interest to you. Don't bother taking his gun, as if you do, you'll have no choice but to give it to Savinkov.

Now, wait for Savinkov to arrive. Say yes when he asks if Chapkin told you anything interesting. You can tell him everything if you like, but the one piece of information he is looking for is that Kusnetsov plans to kill the gang boss (Mechulaiev) at the warehouse tonight. You may choose to say you didn't learn anything more once you told him that, or you may tell him as much as you want, it doesn't make a difference. Notice how uninterested he seems if you give him details one would think are important on Viktor Matsnev and the crack transport.

It isn't possible to move Chapkin's body out of your room without getting caught, so just leave it there. Note that if you want to be able to come back to your hotel during this chapter (but you don't need to), you must hide the body in your closet; if you just leave it on the floor you will be arrested by the militia if you come back.

It will soon be time for your meeting with Cut-throat, so leave your room and exit the hotel. Go left to go to the back alley. At 10:30am, one of the bums you saw yesterday settles down with a newspaper. It turns out he is an agent sent by Cut-throat. If you talk to him, you'll notice he conspicuously keeps referring to his newspaper and recommends that you read it. Ask for his newspaper. He wants something in exchange, and the only thing he'll accept is your new camera, so give it to him. Read the newspaper, and you will see a coded message asking you to be in the phone booth in front of the hotel at 11:15.

Go in front of the hotel and wait until 11:15am. The phone rings. Answer it (it doesn't matter how much you let it ring or not, as long as you answer). Tell him you're Rukov, or say Cut-throat. You don't know anything about New Birth, so choose either of the two answers here. Say Viktor Matsnev is a boat. Cut-throat promises to deliver Yakuchev's address to your hotel tomorrow morning. You can now ask him questions, but you won't have time to ask them all. After he hangs up, go to Ladoga Park for your meeting with Greenberg.

Wait until noon and Greenberg will show up. Say what you want about Protopopov, he'll accept both the real answer (that you don't know anything) or any lie you can make up. Just make sure to cooperate and don't say you refuse to give information. After the meeting, you will follow Greenberg's advice and head for the docks.


Chapter 3

You want to board the boat discreetly, so dive into the sea. Go up to climb aboard. The mechanic heard something when you climbed up, so quickly hide behind the fish boxes. He will briefly come, unwittingly give you a hint that he's an alcoholic, and leave. If you look at the pilot's cabin, you are told that anyone inside the cabin would have an excellent view of the forward deck, so remember that when you must move around and there is someone in the cabin (which will be the case for most of the trip).

Now, go down the stairs, then go through the door. Inspect the drawer, and take the rum bottle and the belt. You don't need the rest. Go back upstairs to the forward deck.

Savinkov is about to board the boat and give the deck a thorough inspection, and he won't like seeing you there, so you must find a better hiding place than these fish boxes. You must get rid of the mechanic first as he is still standing on the stern deck. Throw the rum bottle you just found into the water, on the left side so the mechanic can see it. He will dive to rescue it, and you can now safely go to the stern deck.

Go down the stairs to the engine room. Hide inside the closet. Wait repeatedly and observe.

At 7pm, the engine has a malfunction, and the mechanic is asleep after drinking all the rum. You need to repair the engine to avoid an inspection of the engine room that would get you busted. Use the belt you found earlier on the engine to repair it. Hide inside the closet again. You will sleep there until 9:30pm.

Night has fallen and it's now easier to move on deck without being seen. Go up. Note that from this point on, it is possible to successfully complete this chapter by hiding behind the fish boxes on the stern deck and waiting until the boat is back in Leningrad. But doing it this way makes you miss many important clues, so let's not do it.

Go to the forward deck, and hide behind the fish boxes there. Wait until midnight. Keep waiting and observe what happens. When everyone is gone, go down the stairs. If you want, you can inspect the mysterious crate to get a clue about its content. If you inspect the room, you'll find two cases: one of them contains the crack, the other one contains sea salt. If you want to mess with Savinkov, you can switch the contents of the two cases, though the only difference is that later on in the game he briefly comments about it. If you do anything with the cases, make sure to put them back where you found them afterwards, or you will be spotted eventually. Don't steal the contents either, at least for now. If you listen at the door, you'll hear Savinkov speaking and learn important information about his plan.

When you're done, go back upstairs to the forward deck and hide behind the fish boxes again. Wait until the crew gathers on deck once again. Wait and observe what happens. Optionally, when Savinkov is gone, you can steal the remaining case (which contains sea salt if you didn't swap the contents, otherwise it will contain the crack), but there is no point to it. Wait until 6:30am. You are told that it will be dawn in a few minutes, this is a hint to tell you if you stay on the forward deck any longer you will be spotted by whoever is in the pilot's cabin. So go back to the stern deck. Alternately, you can also go back to the stern deck immediately after the second crew gathering.

Wait until 7:30am. The boat is back in Leningrad and the game hints that it might be a good time to take your leave. And it is: dive into the sea and you'll swim back to the quay.


Chapter 4

If you collected the clues in the previous chapter and understood what happened so far, you'll have good reason to suspect Agabekov is up to something right now. Go to Department 7. Wait in front of the building until you see Agabekov's car leave. Hail a cab (by clicking on the red arrow) and ask the driver to follow Agabekov.

Go through the institute's door. Tell the guards you're Rukov and show them your ID. You will be taken to Litvinov, the administrator, who takes instructions from Agabekov and believes you're working with him. Ask him to tell you the facts from the beginning. You can keep chatting with him to learn more, but don't let on that you don't work with Agabekov. When you're done, thank him and tell him you'll see yourself out. You may talk to the guards if you like.

If you want, you can visit rooms 1 and 2 (respectively the second and third doors from the right) and attempt to talk to the patients. They make little sense. When you're done, enter room 3 (the fourth door from the right). Again you can attempt to talk to the patient if you like, but this one is entirely unresponsive. Go through the door on the right and you'll find yourself locked in a padded room.

Wait and after a minute Tsibulenko will speak to you through his microphone. He believes you are Protopopov and wants to do psychiatric work on you. No matter what you tell him at this point, he won't believe you just yet, so give in and calmly tell him to ask his questions. Answer sincerely: the world is not flat, carrots are orange, water is wet. When he asks for your name, say Maksim Rukov (saying Protopopov allows you to continue as well). Tell him you're a KGB officer. Answer anything to his next question about art. When he asks if you've always been a traitor, answer anything except "Yes". When he asks if you will trust him, answer anything except "I will trust you to make me better". Tsibulenko now finally has doubts about your identity and goes to check with Litvinov. Wait and two minutes later, the situation is cleared and you are freed. Go through the door on the right.

If you want, inspect the room to find a pack of cards Tsibulenko uses in his ESP experiments, but they are useless. Talk to Tsibulenko. You can attempt to ask questions, but he will refuse to give you any sensitive information. Let on during the conversation that you don't work with Agabekov. He will panic and flee. Immediately use the button on the right side of the table to lock the doors of the padded room, trapping Tsibulenko inside. You can talk to him through the microphone, but he refuses to answer and commands you to open the doors. Earlier on he gave you a hint that he suffered from claustrophobia, so let's use that against him.

Wait. Tsibulenko will tell you he now accepts to answer your questions, but if you talk to him he will only tell you lies (note how the red light bulb flashes after he tells a lie). Wait several times until he says that he'll tell you anything and that he can't breathe. Talk to the microphone and ask him questions. This time he will tell the truth, but you do not have time to ask all the questions as he is about to have a fit and collapse. Make sure to ask him to tell you about the patients, and learn as much as you can with the other questions.

Go through the door of the big cabinet. You will have a vision of your dead father giving you cryptic clues. When the scene is finished, use the button on the table once again to open the doors. Go through the door, and leave the padded cell, ignoring Tsibulenko. Talk to the patient in room 3 and say "Saliva", the trigger word Tsibulenko told you about when you asked about the patients. He will mechanically recite the dialogue between the Pamyat members when they kidnapped Protopopov.

You now have enough information to go on. Go to hotel Gostinitsa, where Cut-throat had promised to deliver Yakuchev's address. The fake bum from the previous days shows up in front of the hotel and gives you the address. Go to Gorki Street.

Go through the door. Talk to Greenberg and tell him anything. Ask him about "Memory's bible" and about "The Motherland". You can also ask him other questions if you like, though this time he has nothing else of interest to tell you. Optionally, look at the icon in the apartment to find the second half of the torn photo you found in Verto's apartment. Interesting. Leave Yakuchev's apartment and go to Great Patriotic War Street.

Enter the gallery. Say anything to the artistic director, who seemingly knows a lot more than she lets on, but is unhelpful to you. Wait and a few minutes later, she will say the gallery is closing. But just before you are shown out, the Western tourist calls her from the back of the gallery to ask a question. Use this opportunity to hide in the closet. Wait. You are now alone in the gallery.

Use the light switch to turn off the lights on the paintings: you need to do this for a certain mechanism to work. Go around the corner. Inspect the statue and take the sword. Inspect the desk and take the letter-opener. Use the letter-opener in the statue to activate a secret mechanism. One of the paintings slides to one side, revealing a passage. Enter it.

Either wait a few minutes or talk to the Gorbachev lookalike (Protopopov). Say anything you like, he will not react. Watch the ensuing scene. Answer anything to Vovlov. He will ask you to kill Protopopov. Once again answer anything to him, but don't obey his order. Just wait or waste time until Uncle Vanya arrives. Watch the ensuing scene and answer anything you like to Uncle Vanya. Inspect the cell to find Savinkov's gun. Take it and use it on Vovlov.




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