The KGB File

The KGB File

Welcome to The KGB File! This website is dedicated to a better understanding of the amazing game KGB designed by Johan Robson, developed by Cryo Interactive Entertainment and released in 1992 by Virgin Entertainment, on PC and Amiga.


KGB remains to this day a unique and excellent game, and is one of my favourites of all time. It's also very challenging. It trusts you to understand what's going on without spelling it out for you. Because of the complexity of the story and the large amount of characters, it can be difficult to understand at times, especially since the ending is rather abrupt and you may be left with more questions than answers when you finish the game. This is why I made this website.

This website is for you if you have finished KGB and still have questions you'd like to see answered.

This website is not so much for you if you've never played KGB. There are major spoilers everywhere, so if you haven't thoroughly played it yet, I advise you to stop reading, bookmark this website, and come back when you're done playing this amazing game.

The KGB File contains a comprehensive analysis of the plot and the characters, a F.A.Q. section to resolve the plot points that most commonly puzzle players, a short history section explaining the historical events referenced in the game, as well as a walkthrough, mainly to be used as a reference if you've forgotten something or got irremediably stuck.

Before you start reading, I should say that I can explain about 95% of the story, but after playing the game inside and out, I have reached the conclusion that the remaining 5% is never given a definitive explanation and is thus open to interpretation. You must use your imagination to fill in the blanks.



Designed by Johan Robson
Produced by Jean Martial Lefranc
Directed by Yves Lamoureux
Background graphics by Michel Rho
Character graphics by Didier Bouchon
Animations by Sohor Ty
PC music by Stéphane Picq

© 1992 Cryo Interactive Entertainment - Virgin Entertainment


KGB or Conspiracy?

KGB is a great and self-sufficient game, that doesn't need any update or enhancement. However, it was later rereleased on CD in a new, slightly different version renamed "Conspiracy". This new version only adds a few low quality videos starring Donald Sutherland in the role of Rukov's father, which don't look good and really bring nothing to the gameplay. It also replaces instances of the word "KGB" in the manual with the word "Conspiracy". Both versions are essentially the same game, so choosing which version to play is not a big deal, but if you do have a choice, I recommend you just play the original version of KGB.



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